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What does topping mean

what does topping mean

Definition of topping in the dictionary. Information and translations of topping in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the. Examples of topping in a Sentence. What toppings do you want on the pizza? an ice-cream sundae with whipped-cream topping. Top definition I was just wondering if you top off? My phenotype is pretty caucasoid, so if I marry a nice Aethiopid I can top off my blackness without getting.

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To perform oral sex. The world you live in is nothing but a sugarcoated topping There is another world beneath it. One side has the word, one side has the definition. The term is used strictly for those elite programmers associated with the TOPSS application. Your browser is ancient! Last edited on Aug 30 Well now that we won the game , we topped the Yankees 2.


What Is A Top, Bottom Or Vers Guy' what does topping mean JavaScript must be enabled to vote. Topping of Top Topping adj rising above; surpassing Topping adj hence, assuming superiority; proud Topping adj fine; gallant Topping noun the act of one who tops; the act of cutting off the top Topping noun the act of raising one extremity of a spar higher than the other Topping noun that which comes from hemp in the process of hatcheling. Toppings are assigned to KOOL people. Don't keep it to yourself The dollar should have a relatively serie a standings 2017 14 time topping yen, especially if Yellen sounds hawkish during the testimony.


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